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Have Your Energy Contracts Been Mis-Sold?

Your business could be owed thousands, due to mis-sold contracts.

FACT: Up to 90% + of ALL historical and current business energy contracts have been mis-sold due to NON-DISCLOSURE of HIDDEN “SECRET” COMMISSIONS and FEES

ALL commissions and fees added to EVERY energy contract are required to be written into the principle
terms of business, any generated quotes, bills and statements showing you the full rate of commissions paid out to current and previous brokers.


FYI: Law of Agency Contract Act 1950 States

Failure to make full disclosure to the principal of all elements of a contract is a breach of the agents’ fiduciary duties therefore the broker or agent is liable to account for any profi which is made or is expected to be made from any such transaction.


All brokers and agents are already duty bound under the law of agency to disclose written commissions to customers for whom they act on behalf. If brokers are found by a court to not be disclosing written commissions to a business, then those commissions will have to be repaid.

 Did you know EXACTLY how much your Broker was paid?

If you have NEVER had a fully disclosed written breakdown and did not know EXACTLY how much your broker was paid or you thought it was a “free service” then your business has definitely been mis-sold along with many others, therefore you are entitled to make a claim for recompense. Afterall, you wouldn’t instruct a builder without at least agreeing the cost!

Your Current Live Energy Contracts

We have no interest in your current live contracts, our offering is a simple and straightforward mis-sold reclaim for your historical “out of contract” old agreements that you have filed away in boxes.


Our legal team are currently looking to recover 20-50% of ALL energy bills you have ever paid plus compounded interest direct from suppliers under a CFA (No Win-No Fee service) Furthermore, if they recover nothing for your business, then you pay nothing. Simple!

This is an area we urge you to investigate

You may be certain YOUR business has NOT been mis-sold and everything is in order, however, we have shocked a large number of businesses just like yours who were ABSOLUTELY SURE they had not been mis-sold resulting in much needed significant REFUNDS returned from their suppliers back into their business

There is a very high chance your business is also due a significant claim. Remember, up to 90% + of ALL businesses have been mis-sold at some point even if you’re absolutely sure yours has not.

££Billions of Pounds are waiting to be Claimed.

You really have nothing to lose by finding out the facts about these “rip off” overpayments which could be owed back into your business.

Contact us, we can tell you in an instant where you stand, and if you have a claim

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