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Our Services

How We Calculate Your Claim

  • Surprisingly, we don't drink a secret potion or have a magic formula.

  • The price you pay on your total bill is made up of a number of constituent parts.

  • You can't claim the wholesale cost, network and transportation costs, or government levies.

  • You can claim the hidden broker commission, interest and potentially damages, directly from the supplier.

All claims go through the same simple 3 stage process as detailed below.




We evaluate whether your business energy contracts have been mis-sold and work out your approximate claim value.

Laptop and Paperwork

Pursuit Of Claim

Our solicitors will work diligently to reclaim monies owed from the broker and/or supplier. This can take between 2 and 12 months to obtain settlement.

Handshake in the Office

Future Contracts

We have partnered with an independent broker who will show you how things SHOULD be done. You will NEVER be mis-sold again!!

Why Choose Us

We aim to “Redress the Balance”

We have diligently investigated the business energy market and the legalities of supplier and broker contracts, obtaining in the process QC barrister rulings/counsels’ opinion on the merits and success of having if needs be to proceed to court to settle such claims.


As these types of hidden commission claims undoubtably fall within the bribery and contracts act of 1950 (sections 168 and 173) along with the recent intervention of OFGEM and an extract from the Houses of Commons Library (Dec 2021) It has been judged that brokers ARE failing their fiduciary duties and suppliers ARE paying these bribes and hidden secret commissions to the brokers. Therefore, both parties ARE just as complicit in the mis-selling of your energy contracts.

This ensures that we WILL win these indefensible claims against the suppliers and brokers.

Our No Win-No Fee. Risk Free Service

Our panel of solicitors are fully committed to ensure you get the right level of personal attention and the best quality service, over and above any expected levels. You will be represented by some of the most ethical and trusted solicitors in the UK.


Our aim is to recover these undeclared hidden overpayments back into your business, whilst also educating to prevent mis-selling from happening again in the future.


Our team of legal experts will claim back between 20-50% of the total of EVERY bill you have ever paid PLUS compensation and interest under a CFA (No Win-No Fee service) If we don’t get you anything back, we don’t get paid for our service, it’s that simple.

Current claims range from tens of thousands into the millions.


We can tell you in an instant if your business has been mis-sold by just asking you one simple question.


You really have nothing to lose by speaking to us

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